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World Toilet Day!

Today is World Toilet Day! It is a day to celebrate toilets and raise awareness of the 4.2 billion people living without access to safely managed sanitation. According to the UN as climate change accelerates and causes more flooding, droughts, and rising sea levels, sanitation systems such as toilets, septic tanks, and treatment plants are threatened. Floodwater can contaminate wells used for drinking water or flooding might damage toilets and spread human waste into communities and food crops, causing deadly and chronic diseases.

The students from El Centro Escolar de El Achiotal shared how much worse the bathroom problem gets after storms and heavy rains. They shared images to show the contaminated drinking water.

We not only want to provide the school with the facilities they deserve but we want to ensure that the waste is properly disposed and that the drinking water is properly treated. Our project is ambitious - and costly - because we are working with experts in building facilities that are safe for the students and the community.

If you can, join our efforts in providing students in El Achiotal with sanitary bathrooms and clean drinking water. Every donation will make a huge impact on the health and lives of students.

Algae found in the drinking water

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