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Special Projects

With the generosity of our supporters, volunteers, and partners, Pazitos has been a part of some amazing one-time, special projects. We could not have done it without the support and trust we receive from our community!

We are always open to new collaborations and project ideas. Contact us if you are interested in sponsoring your own project to benefit children and youth in El Salvador.

Pasito a pasito, we play for peace.

Emergency Relief Fund

In the midst of the pandemic and stay-at-home orders, Tropical Storm Amanda hit El Salvador, making an already difficult situation worse for many families. Pazitos, with the generosity of its supporters and assistance of volunteers in El Salvador, were able to provide families some emergency relief. Packages of essential items, including food and toiletries, were distributed to families in La Paz, La Union, and Chalatenango.


School Improvement Project

When Tropical Storm Amanda hit El Salvador, we checked in with the school that most of our soccer players attend and asked if there was any damage caused by the storm. The principal explained that the storm did not do any real harm to the school, but the school was in desperate need of sanitary bathrooms with proper plumbing. The school had been built over 50 years ago and had never had flushable bathrooms installed. In the wake of the pandemic, sanitary facilities were more urgent than ever before.

With the help of our supporters and generous business partners, we were able to raise over $20,000 to give the school the facilities it needed. The school now has eight new bathroom stalls, multiple handwashing and dishwashing sinks, as well as a new water well. 

Welcome Back Event

In April 2021, with the help of our supporters and volunteers, we sponsored a Welcome Back event for the students of El Centro Escolar de El Achiotal, La Paz. 

After many months of quarantining and distance learning, the school opened their doors to the students, and we wanted to welcome them back. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the event was only for the pre-K and kindergarten students. The event included clowns, a piñata, face painting, and much fun and laughter! Much needed hygiene supplies were also donated to the school for all grade levels to enjoy. 

Face painting girls.jpg

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