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Pazitos began with the goal of supporting a soccer program in El Salvador. But Pazitos always understood the needs children and youth have off the field and had the vision to expand programming. In 2020, motivated by the support and generosity of our supporters, we launched our Education Program. Despite the global pandemic, we were able to kick-off our Reading Club and Scholarship Program.

Pasito a pasito, we play for peace.

Reading Club

Knowing the tremendous impact reading has on a child's development and education, while understanding how costly books can be in El Salvador, we are committed in providing children and youth with access to books.

We partnered with children's book authors to launch a 1 for 1 book drive. For every book purchased, the authors donated a book to a child in El Salvador.

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Scholarship Program

In 2021, Pazitos launched a Scholarship Program to help students in El Salvador achieve their goal of obtaining education. Pazitos believes that to achieve long-term development and to empower the communities we work with, access to education is key.


Although El Salvador provides public education from elementary to high school grades, students, especially those from rural areas and low-income families, still face many challenges to access it. Public universities are meant to provide low-income students with the possibility to pursue higher education; however, for many families the fees and other related costs still make it difficult to achieve this dream. In an effort to help high-achieving students, Pazitos has partnered with Becas San Pedro Nonualco.  

Becas San Pedro Nonualco provides scholarships to students from San Pedro Nonualco, La Paz. Students are chosen by a committee of former and current scholarship recipients. To be considered for the scholarship, students must meet the academic and financial criteria. To stay in the program, students must maintain academic excellence, participate in a community project, and a reading club. 

In 2021, Pazitos is sponsoring three students, two who are currently attending university and one high school student.

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