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Alejandra is officially an attorney!

Pazitos' first Scholarship Recipient graduated from university with a law degree earlier this year. Alejandra is happy to share that she is currently employed by the Supreme Court of Justice in El Salvador.

At the beginning of 2021, we announced the Pazitos Scholarship Program. This program is focused on providing scholarships to high-achieving, financially limited students from rural areas of El Salvador.

Alejandra was our first student to receive our scholarship. At the time she was wrapping up her last year of university studies and needed further assistance to complete her internship. Alejandra is the first in her family to obtain higher education. She was dedicated to her studies all throughout her education. The commute from her hometown to her university campus was about 4 hours each day. She never gave up. She never let any of the challenges she faced deter her from reaching her goal.

We are grateful to all of our supporters! Please join Pazitos in helping more students like Alejandra achieve their goals.

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