• Wendy Prudencio

Help us get Alejandra to Graduation!

We are so thankful that YOU and all our supporters rallied together to complete our first scholarship goal: Our scholarship recipient, Alejandra, now has her 5th year of law school financially COVERED. We did this in record time—thank you!

Our new goal now is:

⭐ Get Alejandra to Graduation 👩‍🎓⚖

With your help, here’s how we’ll do it:

➡️ $90 = 9 months of internet fees ($10/month).

➡️ $160 = graduation ceremony + fees

➡️ $150 = 3 $50 gift certificates for graduation & interview clothes

Alejandra intends to fight for the rights of her community through the law after she graduates. You helping with these donations will help her do just that.

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