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In Loving Memory of Gustavo Adolfo Miranda

Gustavo Adolfo Miranda (August 15, 1962 - July 29, 2021) had two burning passions in life: one was for his family and the other was for soccer - either playing, coaching, or just watching. Whether it was playing at the highest level in El Salvador or coaching for Mundelein Soccer Club, Gustavo devoted his entire life to the game. His family shares that each player he coached he treated as if they were one of his own, and through his guidance and kindness, he made sure each player felt loved, important, and special. His greatest achievement was knowing he touched the lives of many and was able to share his gift and love of soccer to the world.

Gustavo's family has asked for donations to be made to Pazitos in lieu of flowers. All donations will help our soccer and scholarship programs.

Gustavo's generous heart and legacy will live on forever.

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